School Days

by Margo on May 8, 2012

It's almost time for school!

After procrastinating for a week or two, I finally called Becca’s new school yesterday to see about kindergarten registration. The woman I talked to filled out the form we needed right over the phone, gave us a date and time for her screening, and then scheduled us for a kindergarten preparation event later this week. The whole conversation took maybe five minutes.

Becca starting school is going to bring a lot of changes, for everyone. No more picking up and heading out to a state park (or wherever else) on school days. No more letting the girls sleep in until 9:00 or later. We’ll all have to get up early so we can get ready and get Becca to the school on time. One of the big changes is that Fiona won’t have Becca around the house to play with all day. She’s going to be a bit lost at first. And Becca will have to get used to spending her first real amount of time away from all of us.

Mark and I have spent time teaching Becca how to write her letters (and write her name), count, and do basic addition. We’re working on sight words and basic reading. I want her to go to school and feel confident that she knows what she’s doing. This summer, we’re going to tackle tying her shoes and anything the school suggests.

Becca can’t wait to get started. She’s looking forward to going to the school later this week and meeting her teachers and some of the other kids. She can’t wait for that first day of school. And I’m really excited for her. She’s going to do really well, and she’s going to love having all of the other boys and girls her own age around. I am looking forward to meeting the other moms.

But I’m also a bit worried. Becca doesn’t do well sitting anywhere for any length of time. She has so much energy that she’s just constantly on the move. I think kindergarten (and sitting at a desk for any length of time) is going to be a real challenge for her, at least at first. And I’m worried about her being gone all day, not because she’ll miss me (she will, a bit) but because I’ll miss her. It’s crazy having her and Fiona running around the house all day, but at least it is never boring. But I know this will be great for her, and great for Fiona, too. She doesn’t get as much one-on-one time with me as Becca did, so this will be my chance to make up for that a bit.

The other big change this fall is that I’m going back to school, too. I haven’t quite figured out how this plays into everything. I work best late at night, and sleeping in (even until 7:30 or so) won’t be much of an option. I’ll have to hope that Fiona is still taking good naps at that point, so I can try to get a bit of sleep in, too.

We’re going to need to buckle down and get organized once Becca and I start school. In the mean time, we are trying to squeeze as much fun out of this summer as possible. We started our summer A-Z quest this week, and I’ve started planning our vacation. We’re camping out at Letchworth state park, and visiting a bunch of places while we’re out there. We’re also going berry picking, up to the races once or twice to watch my brother, and (hopefully) down to the Bronx zoo with my sister. It’s going to be busy, but it’s going to be so much fun. :)


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