Late Work Nights

by Margo on April 26, 2012

It’s going on 11:00 pm, and I am up late working. Okay, I’m up late blogging while trying to avoid work, but still.

Up until a few weeks ago, I used late nights as my fun time. The house was quiet, and I could finally concentrate on whatever movie I was trying to watch or book I was trying to read.

Except Friday nights, when I would scramble to finish work before going to bed. And I started to notice something. My ability to concentrate during the day might suck, but I my concentration was almost normal when I worked late into the night. Finally, a chance to actually accomplish things without it feeling like I was trying to force myself into doing something that my brain was rebelling against.

I mentioned in an early post this week that I have ADHD. It’s self-diagnosed still because I see no point in seeing a doctor until I can actually do something about it. There are no medications approved for use with pregnant or breastfeeding moms, so I am on my own for the foreseeable future. And I don’t need a doctor to confirm what I already know. If you look at the signs of ADHD, I have them. Nearly all of them, and I have had for as long as I can remember. I even had a teacher nearly diagnose me, but the condition (see note below) wasn’t as well known back then, so it was never mentioned (to the best of my knowledge, anyhow).

Note: I don’t like the idea of calling ADHD a condition. It’s not. My brain works differently, not better or worse than anyone else’s. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with it. It just means that it’s more of a challenge to fit into what everyone else sees as normal. My brain is really fast, and it can’t focus well on boring things. It causes problems. On the plus side, I am crazy good at multitasking, and my brain was wired for working on the internet (at least, until Facebook came along. Darn distractions.) Also, studies show that people with ADHD are usually more intelligent overall than people without it. Yay me.
Back on track– I figured out that I worked better at night, so now, I am trying to teach myself to stay up later. It’s useful now, for work, and will be even more useful in a few months when I start school. Unfortunately, it’s taking a little adjusting. And I’m going to need to pick up some caffeinated tea. But I love the thought of having more time during the day for the girls, and to do what I actually want to do. Summer is coming (even if it is taking it’s own sweet time), and it’d be nice to spend the days out in the sun, as opposed to stuck at my desk trying to finish up assignments.
Speaking of the kids (and veering entirely off track again)– Fiona had her one year appointment yesterday. Two months late. First the doctor cancelled, and then everyone got (and stayed) sick for a month, and I didn’t want to bring pink eye into a pediatrician’s office more than I had to. We finally made it in yesterday, and she needed four shots. She wasn’t happy, but she did okay. It was all forgotten as soon as we left the office; she was smiling again by the time we reached the car.
And then we had to go to the hospital for her lead test. This wasn’t nearly as pleasant. They had to draw two vials from her arm, which meant that they needed to tie a tourniquet onto her upper arm. Maybe it is because she has more baby fat than muscle, but that thing seemed incredibly tight. And they had to check both arms to find the best place to stick the needle, which meant by the time they finally got around to inserting the thing, Fiona was a frantic mess. Nothing I was doing could calm her down, and the lab worker who was trying to help me wasn’t really making things better. Mark was busy trying to keep Becca out of the way, and with the two technicians there doing the draw, there was no way he could get close enough to help anyhow. Fortunately, Fiona bounced back quickly, and was back to herself by the time we got back to the hospital lobby. The peanut butter cookies I bought from a vending machine might have helped. The girls deserved them. Becca was a huge help (she tried to distract Fiona during her shots by singing for her), and Fiona put up with everything remarkably well.
I, of course, went home and helped myself to a chunk of the super dark chocolate I save for particularly trying days.
Fiona slept through dinner (no loss there– Swai burgers didn’t turn out to be as good as we’d hoped), and woke up in time to stay up half the night with me. After Becca went to bed, Fiona and I started watching The Last Enemy on Netflix, something that I didn’t even realize that they had until a couple days ago. Not exactly kid-friendly, but Fiona was tired enough to not be paying much attention to it. She fell asleep before the end of the first episode, and I got us both to bed before midnight.
And, now, I actually have to get back to the work that I’m supposed to be doing…

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