Just Another Day

by Margo on April 12, 2012

Being a work-at-home mom is a study in creativity. Every day is something new. Today, for example:

7:00 am- I am awake. Fiona was restless last night, so neither of us got much sleep. She seems to think that she can get off the bed (she can’t) to go play. After getting stuck halfway off the bed, she finally settled down around 11:30, and then proceeded to wake up again every hour or two. All. Night. Long. This is not typical, by the way. She usually sleeps like a dream.

7:30– Breakfast, diaper changes, talk to Mark (who is now home from work). He promises me a nap after he gets up, as long as I have dinner in the oven before I lay down. Roast chicken intimidates him, I guess. I agree, and he goes to bed.

9:30– The girls are watching cartoons. I am starting research for tomorrow’s assignments and wasting time on the computer. After a while, I get distracted with some new guitar music and play guitar for fifteen minutes or so.

10:00– Exercise time. I settle for a 10-minute upper body workout. Finish the workout, get everyone snack. I have crackers and cheese, the girls have fruit snacks.

10:30– Bathtime for the girls. I get everyone clean and then let them play while I go through some of tomorrow’s research with a highlighter and start planning out my articles.

11:00– Play time. The girls climb all over me. Fiona slobbers all over my shoulder, laughing like crazy. What fun!

11:50– Lunch. Becca and Fiona want peanut butter sandwiches and Goldfish crackers. The meal is interrupted when Fiona enters meltdown mode. Quick clean up, and then…

12:05 pm– Quiet time. Fiona falls asleep on me, Becca falls asleep in the other recliner. I start the week’s grocery list and do some creative writing.

2:15– The girls wake up. I stick the still partially frozen chicken into the oven, and start hoping for a miracle. The girls tear the house apart while I get a little further on my goal to learn Italian (love all of the free online resources!).

3:00– Mark wakes up. I hop in the shower (finally!) and then lay down for a quick nap.

3:50– Mark wakes me up, two seconds after I finally fall asleep. The chicken won’t be ready before dinner time. Can he make cheeseburgers instead? (Yes, he felt the need to wake me up for this.) Fiona starts fussing, so he leaves the girls with me while he starts his laundry. Twenty minutes later, I finally get my nice quiet bedroom back. I do not fall back asleep, and instead spend the time daydreaming.

5:00– Becca comes in to get me for dinner. Chicken and roasted potatoes has turned into cheeseburgers and tomato soup. We eat. Mark goes to get ready for work.

6:00– Mark leaves. The girls and I have a 25 minute clean-up spree (with kitchen timer). We conquer the living room, part of the dinning room, and half of the dishes. Good enough.

7:00– Movie time. Tonight’s choice was Alice in Wonderland. We finish up the turtle pie from Easter for dessert.

8:00– (Now.) The girls are working off the sugar from the pie by spinning around the living room. I’m working on this week’s grocery list. Bedtime starts in half an hour. I hope to get them into bed at a decent time (read: before 10:00), and then get an article or two written for tomorrow while watching some adult (meaning- not animated) television. ┬áThen I’ll climb into bed, pull out my Kindle and book light, and read until I finally fall asleep.

Tomorrow, I will get up at the same time. I’ll work, get everyone ready to get groceries, and figure out what to do with the now cooked chicken. Somewhere in there, I will find time to exercise, read, and work on my Italian. I’ll also finish the dishes and clean through the living room again. It’s not exciting or inspiring, but it’s what our lives are like.

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