Growing a Green Thumb: My Newbie Attempts at Gardening

by Margo on May 18, 2012

All I have to do is look at a plant the wrong way, and it dies. Just ask my husband. He brings home flowers a couple times a year, and I throw out dried up dirt and dead plants a couple weeks later. I forget to water them, or I water them too much. Once, Becca knocked them over. I was kind of relieved to not have to  take the blame that time, and Becca was young and cute (still is), so she got away with it.

But this year, I treated myself to a canning pressure cooker as a birthday gift. That means that I actually feel the need to grow something. We also picked up a new grill, and I want to get a little outdoor living space set up. Combine them both, and I have a nice little summer project going on.

Today, we picked up a couple packs of pickle cucumber seeds, a pack of spinach, and a pack of mixed lettuce. I have large planters for the spinach and lettuce. The cukes, I’ll probably just plant right in the ground (assuming I can find a good spot). I still have to pick up my tomato plants, which I’ll be placing into containers (unless I can find some already in containers).

This is my trial run at having a little garden. Once Mark and I move into an actual home (either ours or rented), I plan on putting in a much larger garden. I love the thought of growing a little bit of everything. We usually spend a small fortune at the farmer’s markets each year, which I don’t mind because it supports local farmers, but it’d be nice to do it ourselves.

I know that I’m starting my plants a bit late, but they’ll all do okay. And this gets me out of the house more when it’s actually nice out. I’m looking forward to finishing the little garden/grill area up. We’re putting a small paved-stone patio down beneath the grill and picking up a couple of Adirondack chairs and a small table. The girls will get a sprinkler and/or a wading pool, depending on how much space we have left at that point. It won’t be a lot, but it’ll be nice. Even if I do end up creating a garden area full of dead plants. Heh.

photo by: celesteh

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