Goals, and My First 5k

by Margo on March 8, 2013

I posted my New Years resolutions a few months ago, and while things haven’t been perfect, I’m not doing too bad. I’m making more time to write, and I am limiting the amount of junk food I eat. I’m still at the gym 2-3 times a week.

The bubble bath hasn’t happened yet. I blame my husband’s current work schedule…

I made huge strides towards meeting on of my goals this morning: I signed up for my first 5k! For a girl who has always hated running, this is huge. I mean, really huge.

The race takes place on Mother’s Day, and is being put on by the local YMCA. That gives me just over 2 months to get ready. I can currently run about 3.5 minutes, or about the length of a song (love my Mp3 player). I’d like to be able to run just over a mile by the day of the race. After that, I’ll alternate between running and walking. I’m not aiming to win, or to even run the whole thing. I just want to show up, give it my best, and see what happens.

That said, I do plan on preparing for the 5k. It’ll give me a goal to work towards over the next two months. If the weather ever warms up (I hate ‘spring’ in NY. It’s never reasonably warm until June.), I’ll even get outside a few times a week. I hate the treadmill for distance running (I get horribly bored after 15 minutes), and I miss my usual running route.  This new bit of direction also means that I’ll be really working hard at the gym, not just doing 40 minutes of light exercise and then heading back home.

I don’t have a time goal (although under 40 minutes would be nice).  And, as a bonus, I can talk Mark and the girls into taking me out for a late Mother’s Day brunch afterwards.

Post-shower, of course. :D

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