Five Things I Wish I Knew How To Do

by Margo on April 10, 2012

Mmmmm... Biscuits

Happy Top Five Tuesday!

I believe in life-long learning. I don’t ever want to stop learning new things or practicing new skills. That being said, there are some things that are higher up on my “to learn” list than others. For example, while I would eventually like to figure out chopsticks, it’s not real high on my to-do list. A spoon or fork works better anyway.

Here are the top five things I wish I knew how to do:

  1. Make biscuits. I was going to try perfecting this skill back in March, and it just never happened. I can bake just about any recipe you throw at me, but I am the worst biscuit maker in the universe. If you’re looking for pastry-style hockey pucks, however, I’m your girl.
  2. Play the violin, mandolin and piano. I actually am actively working on my piano and mandolin skills. It’s just very slow going. I still struggle with reading music (something you just don’t need for playing guitar) and it’s slowing me down. I’m hoping to get a used violin for Christmas this year, and then I might be able to cross this one off of my list in a few years.
  3. Paint. I’d love to learn, but I really don’t see it happening. I can’t draw anything more complicated than stick people, and my painting skills are worse than my drawing skills. Still, whenever I see other people painting, I’m always struck by the idea that I might like to learn someday.
  4. Surf. This is pretty high up on my list of thing I might never get to, but I would love to learn how to surf. There are a few things standing in my way (no natural balance or athletic ability, and I live in central NY), but if I ever had the chance to learn, I’d jump at it. Even just a lesson or two. Because while I’ll probably do horribly, there is always the tiny chance that I’ll actually figure it out and not make too much of a fool of myself in the process. And the people who can do it well just look so happy when they’re doing it.
  5. Speak Italian. My ideal vacation is a month-long culinary trek across Italy. I want to take cooking classes, eat at some of the best restaurants, and really submerse myself in the Italian culture. To make the most of this, I should probably learn the language before I go. I have time to learn; this trip is my gift to myself once the kids all graduate high school. Although, to be fair, my language-learning skills are virtually non-existent, so it might actually take me all of those 20+ years to learn.

I plan on at least trying to learn everything on this list, at least once. That might mean flying off to Hawaii for the surfing lesson, but I can’t imagining Mark and the girls complaining too loudly if I manage to figure out a way to get us there. In the mean time, I’ll focus on the things on my list that I can work on a little closer to home. Like the biscuits.


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