Five Movies That Will Never Grow Old

by Margo on April 17, 2012

Happy Top Five Tuesday!

I’m sitting here, watching George of the Jungle with my girls and enjoying how nicely a busy day is winding down. I fell in love with this movie the first time I watched it, and I still love it. Becca fell under the same spell the first time she watched it (although I suspect her interest is more about the animals and not about Brendan Frasier.)

I started thinking. There are some movies that just never grow old. For Mark, it’s Ghostbusters, Goonies and The Princess Bride. I could do without the first two, but I’ll usually sit and watch the last one with him. My list is a bit different.

  1. The Notebook. I first rented this movie, it was Valentine’s day and I didn’t have any plans. I bought some chocolate, popped the disc into the DVD player, and settled back to enjoy my evening. I ended up sobbing into my empty chocolate box, tissues piling up around me. There aren’t very many movies that make me cry every time I watch them, but I still can’t make it all of the way through this movie without tearing up.
  2. The Easter Parade. I watch this every Easter. There aren’t many older movies that I really enjoy, but I find myself looking forward to this one months in advance. I love the music and the dancing, and I love watching the two lead characters fall in love. Becca watched it with me this year, and spent half of the next day trying to tap dance around the living room.
  3. Somewhere in Time. Another older movie. The first time I watched this movie, it was because my then-favorite singer listed it as his favorite. My grandparents had a copy on VHS, so I borrowed it to see what the fuss was about. This is a timeless love story, and it never fails to catch my attention whenever I see that it’s on.
  4. Lilo and Stitch. A scruffy blue alien and a mischievous girl who feeds peanut butter sandwiches to the local fish population. Of all of the (relatively) recent Disney movies, this one is my favorite. I love everything about this movie, and it’s one of my go-to choices when the girls and I are having a rough day. They are as enchanted with it as I am.
  5. Without a Paddle. I don’t know how to explain this one. It’s not romantic. It’s not child-appropriate. And it’s one of my favorite movies. Mark introduced me to this movie, and it quickly became one of my comfort movies. I stick it in after a very bad day or when I’m not feeling well, and it always cheers me up.

Bonus: Beauty and the Beast (the Disney version). I love this movie. When I bought my first DVD player in 2002, it was just to watch the special feature version of Beauty and the Beast. I could (and have) watch it over and over again. Now, it’s one of Becca’s favorite princess movies, too, and I love getting to share it with her.

What’s on your timeless movies list?

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Sam April 17, 2012 at 8:45 pm

Lord of the Rings, Love Actually, Aladdin, Shaun of the Dead and Man Without a Face.


Margo April 17, 2012 at 8:47 pm

The Man Without a Face almost made it to my list. It was on a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t get anyone else interested in watching it with me. I was out-voted. lol


Sam April 17, 2012 at 8:49 pm

I have it on DVD lol. And I watched it on TV a few weeks ago. I had control of the remote. The people I work with had no choice.


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