Eating Bugs and Other School Tales

by Margo on May 25, 2012

Yesterday (May 24th) was Becca’s second school event, her actual screening and registration. My step-mom stayed with Fiona while Becca and I walked to the school. We left a few minutes later than I’d hoped, so we were scrambling to get there on time, resulting in us both being a bit sweaty and pink-faced when we did finally arrive.

Becca went through different stations, while the teachers and support staff tested her current development. She had to identify shapes, numbers and letters, stand on one foot, throw a bean bag, show of her rhyming skills (of which she has none), and answer some questions based on a picture one of the teacher’s showed her.

The picture was of a kitchen, with several items strewn about. The questions were basic: why should you pick up the fork on the floor? (her response: So the kitty doesn’t get it), what items start with the “w” sound, and so on.

One of the questions was ‘How would you get the fly outside?’ The idea is that you catch it and throw it out a window or some such thing. Becca’s response was a bit more creative.

You would eat it.

Well, yeah, that would get it out of the house, I guess. The teacher told me, and I nearly died laughing. I felt the need to explain that I don’t encourage the eating of bugs in our home. The teacher had a good sense of humor, though, and she laughed with us.

There are a few things I want to work with Becca on this summer, like writing her name (she knows how to spell it, and can type it with a keyboard, but the letters trip her up) and the rhyming. But she did great. She is right where she needs to be. Which I knew, but it’s always nice to hear someone else say it.

While I was waiting for Becca to go through the stations, I was introduced to the school nurse (who seemed nice enough), and the school social worker. We talked about a couple things, and he asked if I had any concerns. I mentioned that I think Becca might have ADHD. He asked why I thought that, and the best I could come up with was that she is very easily distracted, which I know is normal at her age. My concern is all of the little things that, to me, scream ADHD. She is more than just energetic; the kid never sits still. And, unless she is tired, she has a two minute attention span. There are also little things that I recognize from when I was her age.

The social worker put a note in her file, and the teacher is going to keep an eye on it, to see if anyone else notices anything. I don’t want to worry about medication at her age, if at all, but it’d be nice to be on the same page as the teachers. We’re working at home on some of the behavioral therapy aspects, which partially means getting Mark used to having to ADDers in the household. Poor guy.

Becca has one more school-prep event to attend. The kindergarten visitation day is in a couple weeks, and she’ll actually be able to go into a classroom for an hour or so, seeing what the rooms are like and meeting some of the other new students. She’s very excited about it already. I think this is the first time that I get to drop her off for a short while on her own. We’ve already discussed how I won’t be there when she actually goes to school in September, and she seems okay with it. I guess we’ll see what happens when we actually get there.

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